Friday, March 26, 2010

My Updates . Part 1

I'll start with,
the Genting trip,
with my college family.



It was cold like crazy...
Good thing I had my bro's thick jacket.

We played a lot of rides there... but
I did not play as much as my other friends
because I'm scared I'll get a heart attack midway.

My face looks 'CMI' ( cannot make it ) here.
But I upload it for the laughs.

There were of course,
the SS moments.

We also went to the haunted house.
(Me, Victor, Chia Hou, Nick, Akito)

The other girls were scared.
Gosh they left me aloneee. sobx.


I got bored.

Chia Hou's face was epic !

Then we sat on more rides.


I thought ring tossing was easy...
So I tried my luck because for one bottle u score, with one ring,
ONE HUGE BEAR as a reward.

The guys were really lucky
and good in this game for some reason.
.........especially one man which won.....

Me and Mel
achieved something that day....
.....Something which we thought
we'll NEVER DO !

Holy Birds !
We sat the the 'corkscrew' !
and another roller coaster which nearly made me
poop green shit.

She was more nervous than me...

But we got through it =)

I'll still never sit the Solero Shot though.

Other pics taken that day...

I had an awesome time.
THANKS for the experience loves.

I still like this picture.
His face makes me laugh here xD

Time to go home.

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