Monday, May 31, 2010

Remove please

I was gonna blog
about how my morning went..
but decided to change my mind.

I was just spring cleaning my
Friendster and Facebook account.
I just can't stand certain ppl and when I
think I can no longer be friends with someone,
I slash them off.

Its not because I hate them.
Its just cuz there is no way that we can
ever be friends again.
Don't u think?

I might as well make it easier
for u.

Btw, please remove my pics from your profile please.
I don't even know
why u
tagged yourself in it in the first place.

It surprised me even more
when I found out it was still there.
To be frank, it creeps me out.

wow. I never imagined this to happen.
I was actually neutral until that day
when u just got so rude.

Waste of time, or whatever,
Ur words just made u seem as
if u were running away from the situation,
instead of settling it.

Since u said it was a waste of time.
Then trying to reconcile with u,
would be pointless.

Thanks for the things u did anyway.
All the best.


I woke up at 5pm today.
Can't sleep now.
But I have to get some rest.

Going off to PD with my
college hunniex soon.

Btw I managed to sell off
my China mini iphone.

Gonna do assignments and pack
since I can't sleep.

I have the whole night anyway.

Gnite everyone.
Would blog about the Pd trip soon ;)

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