Thursday, December 17, 2009


TODAY was freaky !
But considerably amazing.

My bro wanted
to take me to go witness
the Geminid meteor shower.

So in the car was
Vin, Sean, C, and me.

I actually tried posting this
post a couple of times but the
words kept going nuts so
fcuk it seriously !

(I don't mean to curse but REALLY, it
DID and IS pissing me off)


-- Went Perak

(See falling stars)

-- He went into dark roads which he don't even know
(He's like me..... adventurous)

-- Saw a graveyard in the forest

--Smelt Jasmine 3 times
(usually the signs for "stuff")

-- Followed an unknown dirt path to an
orang asli village.

-- Went to the river in the forest AT NIGHT.
( PITCH BLACK !!!! )
It looks like this in the morning.

-- Realized that there were a lot of banana trees
in Perak.


I saw a shooting star and
saw fireflies for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE !


And btw,
when we realised we were heading for the orang
asli village,
we saw this sign board,
which looked like this...

Usually in
what we usually see,
(No trespassers signboard),
the person is holding a gun...
a blowpipe.


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