Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GAGA (PART3) holidays

Holidays !
I smell the sweet
scent of it.

Stayed at Val's place.
Went out with a couple
of friends,..
Little crazyyy Parties with another bunch!

I enjoyed the drinking
and party at Val's place.
That was the bomb.
It was crazy,
the contents I cannot say.

I have pictures, but not the one
at Val's place.
Its from another earlier one.
That was at Celine's place.
It was good xD

I don't like the fact
that I get tipsy fast though.

I'm a noob drinker
like what Chiun Nien said.
But at least I
was NOT the one puking so many times like he did.
haha xP (He's the one in black beside me)

Just look at his face above. LOL !

Baileys only contains 14% alcohol.
Or is it 7% I can't remember.
Chivas is higher.

Funny thing is,
I only drank 2 cups of Baileys
and I was drunk.
I did not really fancied the Chivas.

Looking forward to my
following plans for my holiday ;)

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