Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Other pics I JUST RECEIVED...

I just got these pics
from the other com..

Birthday files.
Father's Suprise Bday !
I remembered he thought we
all forgot. He was so emo
and trying to give us hints by asking
my lil bro to play him a birthday song to him.

Bro's Suprise Bday party ! happy 20th <3

College stress !~

Ignore the hair and my sleepy face !

Presentation day.

Excited face after college.

Random. ~ The pandan tree's my height.
(Ignore my clothing. [Std6 t-shirt] I did not change out the skirt
after my presentation till it was late)

Dinner files ~

Getting reward for spm results.


Before fashion show day moments ~

My fashion designer, Rehnu.

There were many try outs...
But on the actual day,
she lacked time.
So my make up and hair kinda went wild.


Fashion Show Day (70's theme)

Its on a bar table ! -__-

I was vry hyper on that day. Ignore the face !

Posing for cameraman.

Dancing with Aaron. LMAO !!!

I went Genting previously too
for a daytrip at night at 1am
in the morning.
Adventurous chickens !
I'm always more active at night.
Its an inborn thing.

Which reminds me,
I have to stop wearing that cardigan!

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