Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was Google-ing
the name Mr Mok
for fun and I saw
this picture....

LMAO !!!!
I'm sure he won't read
my blog so its save to post this x)

Mr Mok's second class.
Shaving the pencils.
Ok not shave...
Sharpen is the word.
He said the artists'
pencils look different
from your typical pencils.

It is sharpened like....

So I sharpened mine like.....
hmmmm... It was close.
(I think)


Right now,
its 5.42am and I'm doing
the drawing homework.
I chose to draw some woman
which looks like
Rose Mc Gowan
but I'm not sure if its her,
but I'll still name her
Rose anyway =)

It took me
just to fill in Rose's
eyes, nose and lips.
In the pic (above) was just one eye.
I'M SLOW !!!!!


cough cough
(ok that was random)


~ nitex ppl ~

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