Thursday, January 21, 2010

now why............

Why am I so slow
to do my assignments?

1. I'M LAZY.
2. I like to go out hang kai.
3. I'm a freakin PERFECTIONIST !!!!!


I always want my work
to be good or I'll keep erasing
and redo-ing it.


I have to stop that or
I'm gonna be the slowest in my class

I think I already am >_<


why would I be stressed?
cuz I just finished drawing
8 faces and my lecturer
gave me 20 more.


why would I be sad?

cuz my aunt is very sick =\
and the assignments I have
and my health condition.
(which is not good)


ok Now i should stop with
the now now now.


I realised that
ppl nowadays are
very unappreciative.

They take things for granted
like their lives,
their friends,
their girl/boy,
their parents etc.

And when they are gone
they just regret and cry about it.
Seriously to this
kind of ppl,


I also realised
that the males in Malaysia are
not gentlemen .
(I'm not saying all...but most)

They don't hold doors for u,

they don't use the concept (ladies first)

What I'm saying is that when
they are with their friends,
they don't care weather you
are walking beside them or not,
and only occasionally turn their heads
to see if u are keeping up.

They would go in the cinemas first
instead of holding the door for u,
they would rush for the seats
like little boys....

They would text their friends
when they are on a date.....


Its so typical


Physical appearence... vry important.
You are a liar if u say it isn't
and that inner beauty is all that.

Humans are drawn to it.
We can't help it.

Why I'm stating this
is cuz
I'm vry dissapointed at this

particular person,
who dumped his

girl just cuz she looked mature
and he wanted a younger
sweet, cute look.

Now that is SO mean
and dumb of u.

Sacrificing a relationship
just cuz of her looks???
u are such a BUTT hole ...


I'd like to share a lil fact
with those guys out there.
cuz some of the beauties u see
out there are fake....

With her contact lens to make
her pupils bigger....
(Those kind of contact lenses DO exist)

With her hair extensions
and fake hair.

With her 7 layered make up

Don't even get me started
on the bodies as I
know some methods some
of them use.


her 2 faced attitude !

In front of u,
she's the sweetest and cutest girl
with a halo above her head,
once she gets a bf later on,

lets see how she treats u
after that or to the girls.

or when u marry her and see her
with her make up off and
then u'll see the
real her.

and without her make up.



gnite everyone ~


Content above is strictly food

for thought
(not insulting anyone)


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