Monday, January 4, 2010

That Christmas picture form.

My Christmas
was really meaningful
and fun with my cousins.

I might hate em,
but I still very much
love them.

I may not be able
to be close with them
in the future
cuz I can't talk mandarin,
and I'm only using simple mandarin
to communicate with them
at the moment.


Looks as if we got the cupcakes
from the shop 'WonderMilk'
but its actually handmade
by my relative.

Everyone was joining in the fun........

....................except this dude here.

She's so cute and smiling
all the time.

Her sister ~ She's the youngest =)

Her hair is wavy and stands up like
Johny Bravo xD

this one here (below) ...
she's still my favourite~ luvs.

She's so sweet.
And I liked her Pooh bag so much x)

I adore chocolates ^^

We also had this bbq (sort of thing)


We played with the strobe light
and blasted the stereos
in Vin's room.

Look at her excited face !
Her name's Jess and she's really rough -__-

The two sisters in pink.
The one on the right loves my bro ^^

Love my sweet mom.

Can u spot the present I gave my dad?
haha sorry daddy.
(he slept on in the whole night
and didn't realise)

O ya,
I boiled my first egg
successfully !

My previous attempt was a failure.
I used hot water from a flask
and put the egg into a
metal cup
(like how u make
half- boiled eggs)


Won't happen again though ^^

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