Thursday, May 13, 2010

That Lonely Person

What goes through your mind
when u see a lonely person?

Whether he/she is
sitting alone,

Whether he/she is
sitting with a group of friends,
but being isolated from the group.

Walking alone
with his/her head looking
at the ground all the time.


I don't know
how u feel

I feel sad.

What goes through your mind,
when u see a beggar?

Begging on the streets,
staring at your food when u waste it,
that face of longing and
sadness all over his face...

I don't know
how u feel

I feel sad.


Maybe I feel sad
because I have experienced
loneliness before....

...... and I know EXACTLY
how they feel...

and its horrible.

I was really quiet to others.
Quiet to the stage where ppl
labeled me as ''weird''.

I was quiet.
But always for a reason.

My clique of friends
were all separated. All to other classes.
Different schools, out of state.

To blend in,
with a new group of ppl
was not easy of course.

( especially if they have cliques
of their own and u are,
"the new member" )

People nowadays can be very harsh.

I remembered just because I
had a best friend which was a guy
and of a different race,
many people begun teasing
and labeling me as "weirder".

People would also tease
this best friend of mine, just because
of his appearance and voice. (babylike)

If u judge people by their appearance,
you'll never get to know their inner beauty.

They would ask me
"Why do u mix with him?
He sounds like a girl.

How can u stand it?"

I would confess
I was irritated in the beginning as well.
But I learned to accept him.

I'm sure you would also want
someone to accept you, for who u are.
We can't change to please everyone.


Now this goes out
to the girls.

I know some of u
discriminate and begin hating other girls
just because of jealousy.


If the person u like:
Did not choose u,
for face problem,
or attitude problems,

or liked u in the past but no more,
or is your boyfriend,
but used to like
another girl,

or just because that other
girl is beautiful and
u are intimidated.

Don't go hating her
for bullshit reasons like this.

U are hating this girl,
and she has done NOTHING to you?
Shouldn't u be hating the guy instead?

The worst part is,
some of u even act all
friendly in front of the person.

The way u laugh changes.
The way u talk changes.
But your jealousy in your eyes, don't.

I don't know about you readers.

But I have seen those
jealousy in the eyes before,
those fake smiles,

It makes me feel worst when
the girl gets fooled to believe those
fake people, .....
believing that they are nice.

and in the end ....

finding out that
''that so called nice girl'',

had been gossiping SHITX about u.


Bitch !


Whenever we ask this bitch
"hey, why do u hate her so much?"

she says,
"Owh I don't know. I just do"

u ask
"Awww Cmon. There has to be a reason"

she says
"Don't ask so much. I just hate her ok"

some would say
"She used to have something with my bf"

but the fact is....
damn it !

Do u think your precious bf
still likes her anymore,
vice versa?

( If u say "yes"
then I daresay that,
your foundation as a couple suck ! )

There is a saying which goes
''when I'm jealous, it means that I care"

... but here is my saying.
"when u are jealous for stupid excuses like above,
It degrades u and makes u look like a complete idiot."