Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Remember the times when
u scolded me

Nagged at me ?

Did not understand me ?

Embarrassed me ?

Punished me ?

Caned me ?

etc etc.

Those were the things
that made me who I am today.

U scolded me when I
did the wrong thing.
I took your warnings, and changed.

U nagged me.
and with your advice,
u made me a stronger person.

U did not understand me,
but I saw your efforts
and it made me feel better instantly.

U embarrassed me,
But we are all humans.
and I know u are not perfect.
I still love u.

Through your punishments
from my stubborn behavior,
u shaped me to become a better person.


Most people focus on the negativity
from their moms and therefore
the relationship gets strained in time.


Stop and think.....
Remember all the times
she had been there for u.

Held your hand when u are in pain.
wiped every tear from your eye.
Sang u a lullaby before u slept.

Scolding u so hard
because she cared so much.
But what did she get?

U scolding back?
Did u ever consider how much her
heart ached every time she scolded u
or hit u?

She may not tell u, her heart ached
when she does those things.
But have u ever looked into her eyes
to see the hurt in them ?

She was the one that clothed u.
that gave her love, her all.
Money for education.
Her sacrifices for u...
.....have u ever noticed?

Her actions will be remembered always.
Her words will forever remain in your heart.
Her love......
..Its called unconditional love.

I look to my mom.
She is my role model,
My best friend,
My pillar of strength.

I am proud to tell everyone that
she is my mom.
I feel extremely blessed
and I think she is the coolest.

Listening to Adam Lambert on the radio.
Accidentally eating with two spoons
instead of a spoon and a fork.

Dancing in the hallway,
I see her joy,
Her happiness.

.... and in turn,
my heart is lifted and I feel happy.
I don't ever want to see her frown. Just smiles.
Dear mommy, I love u so much.


Every wrinkle on your mom's face tells a story.

Time is passing.
Its never too late to forgive her,
appreciate her.

U will only have one mother in your life.
She may not be perfect.
But look at yourself.
u are imperfect as well,
no one is.

To those who think your mom is
not giving u enough love.....

.... Your mom shows her love in different ways.
It may not be saying "I love u"
it may not be extravagant gifts.

But it can be the tiniest of her efforts
like waking u up for school,
cooking for u,
calling to check on u.

The question is........... Do u notice it?

A mother's love is
irreplaceable and unconditional.

To all the mom's in the world,

A Happy Mother's Day to all of u.

And hugs and kisses also goes
out to that lovely woman
who gave me life,

sitting downstairs
watching SpongeBobSquarePants
with my little brother,
my mom .

I love u.

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