Thursday, May 27, 2010

Take a break dear.

I know some people get stressed easily.
Some people don't.
But to those who do,

U all need to TAKE A BREAK.

which is why this post
goes out to my dear friend
Melissa !

I know things are so hard at your end right now.
The burden which u are feeling,
no one else can understand and feel it
as well as u do.

U may feel so alone,
so helpless,
and as if no one cared for u...

but believe me,
there are so many people out there
that do care for u....

....U just don't notice it.
If u could only step into my shoes
and see the ppl around u.
I know nothing I say here may convince u,
but I hope u do notice that they show their care for u
in the most discreet ways.

Everyone is different.
Our personalities vary.
I know u get stressed and upset fast
but this is a part of u, and I know u can't help it.

But whenever u are sad
just think of random funny stuff.
Though I know it is very hard.

OK I'm being so long winded like an old lady.
I'll just cut straight to my objective here.....
......which is to try to make u crack a smile.

Pweety please ?

I miss the happy Mel !!!

No I'm not calling u Grandpa..

..nor am I calling u Bush

Hippos are cute !

I really do hope at least one of these pics made u smile.

And just so to warn everyone,
contributes to baldness.
Stress makes your skin zitty and dry.
Stress makes u sick,

So try not to be so too stressed.
Laugh it out.


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