Sunday, May 30, 2010


Its 3.13pm now and I'm rushing
to finish my assignments this week,
so that I can enjoy my next 7 days, worry free.

Its my 2 week holiday now, but to me
and most of my friends,
we think its just shit.....


..... cuz its not exactly a holiday
when u are given
all your
final projects to complete.

I saved a screen shot on
part of what I had been
working on yesterday.

Maybe then,
when u pick up a package in the future,
u would learn to notice the details.

Appreciate Graphic Designers !


I was assigned or shall I say
"cursed" to do Cocoa Krispies.
The reason why I think its a curse is obvious....

.....The reason because I have to trace not 1, but 3 characters!!!!

and its so small and detailed
with the shadows and highlights.

U see those fonts above? "COCOA KRISPIES"

It looks so simple.
The process is not !

and my final...

Alright, gtg now.

Thought I could just dish out
part of my frustration.

Till next time.

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