Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I need to LEARN....

............to take care of myself better.

I may be a workaholic.

The assignments I received every week
is enough to make anyone
a nerd with no social life.

Imagine how nerdified I am right now.

During this past few days,
I have been losing ALOT of my appetite.
I don't know why.

Yesterday itself I ate bread the whole day !

Breakfast - Tuna Bun
Lunch- Cappuccino Bread
Tea- Cappuccino Bread
Dinner- Skip

As for today itself.

Breakfast- Bread and an egg.
Lunch- Cappuccino Bread
Dinner- Porridge

I think my diet's getting better right?
(in a way)

But my sleep is not.
I'm here blogging right now at
wishing good morning to the world,.....

...... while people are asking me to
shut up, throw shoes at me
and screaming "GO SLEEP LA"

I slept at 7pm-2am
( 7 HOURS! )

That had been the longest so far.

This must be another blessing.

My T-shirt design assignment
and Typography assignment is awaiting me.

Once again..
GoodMorning !

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