Monday, May 24, 2010

A Post on My Emotions

I know emotion posts
can be a bit confusing
as I know the readers don't understand.

But this is a blog.
I vent out what I feel
whether if its on society, friends, emotions. etc.

Been having arguments.
I just wonder why u blame me all the time.
I try my best. I really did.

But I always end up hurt.
U blame me for misunderstandings,
U can't even wait 5 minutes for me.

I don't think I did anything wrong.
I'm fcukin pissed off with YOU.

You and your impatience !
You and your do it quick mentality !
You and your $%^&* up fcuking ego !

U misunderstood me... and u blamed me.
Fine maybe I was wrong but u blamed me
for something which I did not know.

I offered to fix it !
But u got annoyed and said it was not necessary.
U tried to fix it but u were so impatient,
u made the situation worst !

In front of your friends, U act as if
everything is ok in this world, laughing your lungs out !
U did not even bother about me.
Its always friends friends friends !

U see them EVERY DAY !
Why can't u spend time to get to know me?
Why can't u be more patient with me?

Do u know how hurt I feel?
Do u know how much my heart aches
everytime I try my best, I rush out to the door and u
were always not there.

You are leaving bruises in my soul
yet u do not know that !
U have no idea how much my heart aches as I write this post.
U will never know the amount of tears I shed, because for u.

When I go church for healing sessions.
This area is the one that always leaves me crying.
This is the area which still hurts me until today.

Why can't u stop your ego from getting the best of u.
Maybe I just don't understand u.
But maybe u should stop shutting up, and tell me.

I'm really so tired.
Everytime I thought u have changed.
Something would come up, which proves that
u have not.

I'm really just so tired because of this matter.....

Screw it. I guess some things will always remain the same.
But always remember...
Whatever happens,
always always remember...
that I love u.
Forever and Always.

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