Friday, November 20, 2009

holy, holy, beep, beep, ...

Do u have any idea
how HOT IT WAS this morning???


Today we went to the Thai temple
for photography class.
As some of u would know,
I'm ill from walking back in the rain.
My nervous system's not
working right. My face felt
numb as if I was drunk in the morning >_<

As usual, I arrived kinda late.
It took me about 8 alarm clocks
to wake me up today.

During the photography session,
I was extremely dehydrated
and vry grumpy this morning.
Everyone seemed so enthusiastic today....

..........except me.............. =(

While waiting for Chng our 'model'
under the sun and heat,
I felt like utter crap !
I was cursing in my head
and I was sweating profusely,
not to mention my retarded flu.
(couldn't breathe right) .

...My eyesight when NUTS after that.
Everyone looked as if someone
increased the contrast a little too much.

The leaves were yellow
and I felt like sleeping all of a sudden.
And when I tried to breathe,
it felt so light, as if not enough oxygen
was getting into my lungs.

My head was spinning so badly
till i could not take it.
I asked my lecturer to get my bag
out of his car cuz I need a drink.
I felt a little better after that.
I just know I would have fainted then
if I continued snapping
under the sun.... thank God I didn't. Its either my sickness,
the heat,
lack of red blood cells,
or all of the above.

I need to get a blood test.....................
........ confirm my dizzy spells.
but today was an exception.
I get dizzy when I stand up,
after sitting down usually.
eiks. >_<

I know I'm not accustomed to
use foul language..
but @#$%^&*()
so very busy and stressed now.


-- STUDIO DRAWING X (lets not talk about it)
-- PHOTOGRAPHY X1 plus revision for exam
-- Practice walking for fashion show....and dancing
in high heeled boots.
-- Take care of my health
-- Sleep earlier.
-- Bathe earlier.


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