Sunday, November 29, 2009

big fat monkey jumps around and eats me up.

Its official !
I have gone mad from stress.

Tuesday - Illustrator exam.
Things I have not done at 3.31am (Monday morning)
1) 16 boxes more to go.
2) box layout
3) monster design for calendar

Friday- Photography exam
(not revised)


Photoshop presentations.
Have not even started
cutting and pasting.

I tried so hard.
I spent the whole freaking
day doing the %^&*
colouring and trying to figure
out how to put texture.

SHIT !!!!

I GIVE UP ! (on that)

Should I laugh or cry?
I feel like a cranky woman now.
cursing everything.

What the heck am I even doing now?
Blogging? LOL!

I feel so thirsty.
I did not drink for so many hours.
My back hurts from doing my work!
I feel deprived from nutrition.
I feel sleepy =(

BTW happy belated birthday to my kor kor.

-___- yes i have gone mad.

~tatax ~

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