Thursday, November 5, 2009

Its the slippers damn it !

U know...
Its official. I'm a total cluts.
Is it me? or my environment?
or was it fate?

At the train station,
I fell down while walking down the stairs.
Now my shin hurts so badly.
oh no i did not fall.
I shall rephrase that.

I practically slid down the stairs !
SO #$%^&* EMBARASSING !!!!!

Then i went to the old wing
to find for my art block...
while coming down i nearly fell down again !!!!


not that I did.
so ya... my art block was not there,
meaning its gone T_T

The KLCC experience
with the Group A
students was fine..
So ya i understand i did not talk much today.

I literally slept in the LRT.
When I woke up my head was drooping
so akwardly forward.
I felt like Mr Bean !

Speaking about Mr Bean,
I have a few pics xD

The danger of photoshop ^_^
Speaking about it, gtg continue my
photoshop work.


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