Monday, November 2, 2009


Before I even start on Monday,
let me blog about the photography lesson on Friday =)

.....just for that class (or I'll fall asleep)
Photography lesson has always been a drag for me.
I do love photography no doubt.
The thing is, the lecturer usually pays more attention
to the ppl who actually has the SLR camera.

Me with non, therefore
does not understand a thing he's saying.
The school camera is always taken anyway
and not given to me =(
Till now I have not used it yet.
or touched it ....

So while the light bulbs were flashing blindingly inside,
I went out.
Cam-whore-d around with Mik,
laughed around with Mel,
and was basically rotting there !
Good thing I had my awakening candy,
and my "menu" for that day was marshmallows <3

Now for the Monday outcome.
As in right now, its 5.01am.
I slept at 7pm and woke up at 4am.
So here i am blogging.

Today, we went SPONSOR scouting.
We were doing nothing in the library in the morning.

Just that Chia Hou was working on
his panda mascot which looked like him
> awwwww <
(but yea its true)
and tai kor, Eric on his t-shirt design.
The rest of us were well....just there.

After lunch was when things started to progress for
'team-in the library'. (we have many "teams" u see)
Jeannie, Mel, me and Victor took the car to
Avon and some breast cancer organization.

I thought it went well actually =)
it was a diff experience for me.
I still have to call up Avon tomorrow and a few more
to let em know more info about the campaign though.

After the scouting we came back to college
and it was beginning to RAIN !

And usually the beginning drizzle
IS NOT THE LIGHT kind of drizzle,
where the raindrops are fine and it won't wet u much.
Instead, it were HUGE raindrops!
We were all running our lungs out !
nearly had heartburn while running.

After that we helped the other "team"
ribbon making .

I was cursing the ribbons cuz it was so hard to pin up the little roses
and hold the lace and ribbon in place.
All of us got poked by the needle,
which made Nicklas very happy -__-

Tomorrow's class or should i say, in a few hours
is nude figure drawing !
" "whopee" "

Better get back to bed.


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