Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the real today 4 Nov.



my dear sweet friends,
what does the above diagram look like to u?

  • A. Beautiful symbols crafted into a glorious pattern
  • B. A brown patch
  • C. A pile of shit
  • D. U are utterly confused.

If u answered A. You are such an art person.
If u answered B. You are extremely blur.
C. ding ding... u rang the right answer.
D. tsk tsk u sad child.

As i'm writing this... Its 3am sharp.
My day started when I woke up at 12.55 pm.
As I ate my lunch everything was fine and mellow.
The horror started when me and my bro
decided that the LRT was the best option for me.

U see,.....usually he fetches me for my afternoon classes.
Today was an exception.....
A mistake......

It was all cloudy but
as I got off the train and begun walking towards my college,
it begun raining and unlike my
previous post,
this rain was the fine mist kind....

why in the form of mist?


I was late for class
so i had no choice but to move on !

As i was walking the wind was so freaking strong
rain RAIN !!!!


(whatever word u wanna use) yesss

I had my faithful
mini portable umbrella
but the wind was blowing on it so hard,
I practically had to hold the skin of the umbrella.

It was like I was walking in those movies
where I see those strong winds and ppl
struggling to walk because of the air resistance...

not only that.....

I got splashed $%^&*(*

Apparently, i was also standing
at a slope
so there i was waiting for the traffic lights
to turn red
so that I could cross
to the other side of the road
with the flowing water
soaking up my shoes.

I could feel the moistness and the SQUISH
when i squirmed my toes.
The feeling was awful.

After that ordeal was over,
I was going down the stairs
when another gust of wind blew and overturned
my umbrella !
gahhhh !!!!

lets not talk about what happened
when i entered the class -__-

In class I was shivering like crazy
and I honestly have to say smelt weird.
(not cuz I stank)

but i'm sure u all know the effect of wet clothes
when not dried properly... , tends to produce
a horrible smell.
and i forgot to bring my art block home.

The only happy thing so far is...
I just received the SLR camera I borrowed.
Gonna go KLCC with me mates and with
the group A students soon.


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