Sunday, November 29, 2009

big fat monkey jumps around and eats me up.

Its official !
I have gone mad from stress.

Tuesday - Illustrator exam.
Things I have not done at 3.31am (Monday morning)
1) 16 boxes more to go.
2) box layout
3) monster design for calendar

Friday- Photography exam
(not revised)


Photoshop presentations.
Have not even started
cutting and pasting.

I tried so hard.
I spent the whole freaking
day doing the %^&*
colouring and trying to figure
out how to put texture.

SHIT !!!!

I GIVE UP ! (on that)

Should I laugh or cry?
I feel like a cranky woman now.
cursing everything.

What the heck am I even doing now?
Blogging? LOL!

I feel so thirsty.
I did not drink for so many hours.
My back hurts from doing my work!
I feel deprived from nutrition.
I feel sleepy =(

BTW happy belated birthday to my kor kor.

-___- yes i have gone mad.

~tatax ~

Friday, November 20, 2009

holy, holy, beep, beep, ...

Do u have any idea
how HOT IT WAS this morning???


Today we went to the Thai temple
for photography class.
As some of u would know,
I'm ill from walking back in the rain.
My nervous system's not
working right. My face felt
numb as if I was drunk in the morning >_<

As usual, I arrived kinda late.
It took me about 8 alarm clocks
to wake me up today.

During the photography session,
I was extremely dehydrated
and vry grumpy this morning.
Everyone seemed so enthusiastic today....

..........except me.............. =(

While waiting for Chng our 'model'
under the sun and heat,
I felt like utter crap !
I was cursing in my head
and I was sweating profusely,
not to mention my retarded flu.
(couldn't breathe right) .

...My eyesight when NUTS after that.
Everyone looked as if someone
increased the contrast a little too much.

The leaves were yellow
and I felt like sleeping all of a sudden.
And when I tried to breathe,
it felt so light, as if not enough oxygen
was getting into my lungs.

My head was spinning so badly
till i could not take it.
I asked my lecturer to get my bag
out of his car cuz I need a drink.
I felt a little better after that.
I just know I would have fainted then
if I continued snapping
under the sun.... thank God I didn't. Its either my sickness,
the heat,
lack of red blood cells,
or all of the above.

I need to get a blood test.....................
........ confirm my dizzy spells.
but today was an exception.
I get dizzy when I stand up,
after sitting down usually.
eiks. >_<

I know I'm not accustomed to
use foul language..
but @#$%^&*()
so very busy and stressed now.


-- STUDIO DRAWING X (lets not talk about it)
-- PHOTOGRAPHY X1 plus revision for exam
-- Practice walking for fashion show....and dancing
in high heeled boots.
-- Take care of my health
-- Sleep earlier.
-- Bathe earlier.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

rainy days.

YES my dears and dudettes !
Its the rainy season.
happy to some,
dreary to others.

It was drizzling lightly
as I was walking to the LRT yesterday.
And i did not wanna waste my time
opening the umbrella
as i had to dry it after that etc etc.

I got cold.................


I don't know WHYYYYY...
...I'm having the flu today.

my nose is leaking
like a dripping faucet .
I'm emo, I'm grumpy.
I can't be as enthusiastic in
college as I was.

So sorry if I don't laugh at your jokes -__-
Don't get annoyed when I dash to the loo.
My eyes are watery,
My leaking nose is a pile of $%^&*()*

NVR have I hated the rain so much
for doing this to me -__-

> not to mention the other time when I got soaked <

I've been lazy.
my work is piling.
my schedule is packed !

I have EIGHT
incomplete tasks.
Not to mention the fashion
show, and
my caroling practice
in church.
and the dinner event.

screw screw screwwww ! ! !

I'm gonna do Photoshop work now.
If u see me on Facebook or Msn,
I beg u friends to bug me till I do my work =)
I would appreciate that.

> I will blanja u <


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Lets talk about today ^^
It rained !!!!!
If u thought I got wet,
If u thought,
my umbrella went flying the other direction,
Think again peeps !
but but BUT,
teehee (giggles)
I'm so sorry honey,
U know I don't mean to laugh..
but the sight was seriously hilarious.

I shall describe the scenario xD

The sky was a blanket
of gray clouds.
The road had puddles
in the cracks and potholes.
The wind came down strong,
the breeze cool and addictive x)
As me and Jia Nee walked ahead,
Mel and Arpana were way behind.
( we're not fast, they are just slow xP )

There was a particular stretch,
opposite Victoria Station,
where there are these huge trees...

From afar,
though its not raining,
u could see the mist
sweeping down from the trees
as the wind was blowing
raindrops off it.

remember guys,
Its misty raindrops!

= (equals)

The wind was VERY strong.
Me and Jia Nee ran like
chickens -__-

As i reached the junction for me
to part with Jia Nee,
I bid my goodbye to her, crossed
the road and whipped my head back,
only to find Mel walking struggling
with her lil silver umbrella,
and Arpana looking like some
terrorist with her head wrapped with her scarf
( nahh i'm just joking xD she looked cute ^^ )

And then.....
Mel let out a little scream,
as her umbrella overturned !!!!!


DAMN IT, I laughed so badly,
It looked like some satellite dish
above her head !!!


well there was nothing to laugh at
when i got to kelana jaya station.
while crossing the overhead bridge etc,
i got freakin wet !
i was smarter not to open my umbrella
cuz its a waste of my time with
such ferocious wind.

All i had to say,
was that the ambiance today,
was like the end of the world....
the gray skies below the orange
formed in a distinct layer,
the strong wind,
and the shaking lamp post
u know the one called the
"bunga mangga" lampost.

yea be careful

~ pics another day =) ~

Monday, November 9, 2009


Its 1.30 right now
in the morning.

I feel the numb-ness.
But I know I'm not lost.

I feel the pain in my heart.
But I know it'll get better.
I really don't know what I'm feeling now.

I may say I'm so damn fine.
But do u see the pain in my eyes?
Do u know the pain and confusion I feel ?
I feel like isolating myself......
...... for the time being.

Doing my drawing now.
I hope I'll be able to finish it cuz its due tomorrow.

Try not to disturb me ppl.
I'm doing my best to balance my emotions and work.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am lost. Literally.
I don't like suffering in silence but
sometimes I really have no choice.

how am i supposed to feel right now?
just tell me how...... please.

Friday, November 6, 2009



(extremely sleepy now)
no posts for today =)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Its the slippers damn it !

U know...
Its official. I'm a total cluts.
Is it me? or my environment?
or was it fate?

At the train station,
I fell down while walking down the stairs.
Now my shin hurts so badly.
oh no i did not fall.
I shall rephrase that.

I practically slid down the stairs !
SO #$%^&* EMBARASSING !!!!!

Then i went to the old wing
to find for my art block...
while coming down i nearly fell down again !!!!


not that I did.
so ya... my art block was not there,
meaning its gone T_T

The KLCC experience
with the Group A
students was fine..
So ya i understand i did not talk much today.

I literally slept in the LRT.
When I woke up my head was drooping
so akwardly forward.
I felt like Mr Bean !

Speaking about Mr Bean,
I have a few pics xD

The danger of photoshop ^_^
Speaking about it, gtg continue my
photoshop work.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the real today 4 Nov.



my dear sweet friends,
what does the above diagram look like to u?

  • A. Beautiful symbols crafted into a glorious pattern
  • B. A brown patch
  • C. A pile of shit
  • D. U are utterly confused.

If u answered A. You are such an art person.
If u answered B. You are extremely blur.
C. ding ding... u rang the right answer.
D. tsk tsk u sad child.

As i'm writing this... Its 3am sharp.
My day started when I woke up at 12.55 pm.
As I ate my lunch everything was fine and mellow.
The horror started when me and my bro
decided that the LRT was the best option for me.

U see,.....usually he fetches me for my afternoon classes.
Today was an exception.....
A mistake......

It was all cloudy but
as I got off the train and begun walking towards my college,
it begun raining and unlike my
previous post,
this rain was the fine mist kind....

why in the form of mist?


I was late for class
so i had no choice but to move on !

As i was walking the wind was so freaking strong
rain RAIN !!!!


(whatever word u wanna use) yesss

I had my faithful
mini portable umbrella
but the wind was blowing on it so hard,
I practically had to hold the skin of the umbrella.

It was like I was walking in those movies
where I see those strong winds and ppl
struggling to walk because of the air resistance...

not only that.....

I got splashed $%^&*(*

Apparently, i was also standing
at a slope
so there i was waiting for the traffic lights
to turn red
so that I could cross
to the other side of the road
with the flowing water
soaking up my shoes.

I could feel the moistness and the SQUISH
when i squirmed my toes.
The feeling was awful.

After that ordeal was over,
I was going down the stairs
when another gust of wind blew and overturned
my umbrella !
gahhhh !!!!

lets not talk about what happened
when i entered the class -__-

In class I was shivering like crazy
and I honestly have to say smelt weird.
(not cuz I stank)

but i'm sure u all know the effect of wet clothes
when not dried properly... , tends to produce
a horrible smell.
and i forgot to bring my art block home.

The only happy thing so far is...
I just received the SLR camera I borrowed.
Gonna go KLCC with me mates and with
the group A students soon.


special post for friday's photography class ( cuz i just got pictures) >_<

-The "photographers"-

This post is meant for last Friday's post
on the photography class...

( I just obtained pictures in facebook )

Credits to Chia Hou ;)

- All from his camera -

The females were asked to be models for this week.
So bring in the females ^^

Leong sesat xD
(he wanted to be the model at first)

- Danialle -

- Jeannie - =3

- Chiew Yean -

- Mart -

- Me -

The male modeling would be this week.
definitely gonna be more photos ^^
and i might bring the SLR camera i borrowed too.

Hopefully i would be able to understand the class better.
yeaaa ^^ lost and confused no more.

another blog post coming right up =)
(I'm blogging on the same day)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

tomatoes and seaweed

Todays supper menu is
cherry tomatoes (as usual)
seaweed crackers
maybe mocha or water (not decided)

I hope this funky combination
won't cause me to puke like the other day.

Its 3.03am
and now its 3.25am ( i just finished eating)
I'm not puking. smiles for that =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

still awake ! damn it.

Why am I still awake???
Its 10 mins to 6am now.
I feel like a child now =(

In the sense,
when no one bugs me and pushes me
to go sleep....I just won't sleep.
The same case goes for my homework.

Going to try my luck to fall asleep.
Insomnia much.


Before I even start on Monday,
let me blog about the photography lesson on Friday =)

.....just for that class (or I'll fall asleep)
Photography lesson has always been a drag for me.
I do love photography no doubt.
The thing is, the lecturer usually pays more attention
to the ppl who actually has the SLR camera.

Me with non, therefore
does not understand a thing he's saying.
The school camera is always taken anyway
and not given to me =(
Till now I have not used it yet.
or touched it ....

So while the light bulbs were flashing blindingly inside,
I went out.
Cam-whore-d around with Mik,
laughed around with Mel,
and was basically rotting there !
Good thing I had my awakening candy,
and my "menu" for that day was marshmallows <3

Now for the Monday outcome.
As in right now, its 5.01am.
I slept at 7pm and woke up at 4am.
So here i am blogging.

Today, we went SPONSOR scouting.
We were doing nothing in the library in the morning.

Just that Chia Hou was working on
his panda mascot which looked like him
> awwwww <
(but yea its true)
and tai kor, Eric on his t-shirt design.
The rest of us were well....just there.

After lunch was when things started to progress for
'team-in the library'. (we have many "teams" u see)
Jeannie, Mel, me and Victor took the car to
Avon and some breast cancer organization.

I thought it went well actually =)
it was a diff experience for me.
I still have to call up Avon tomorrow and a few more
to let em know more info about the campaign though.

After the scouting we came back to college
and it was beginning to RAIN !

And usually the beginning drizzle
IS NOT THE LIGHT kind of drizzle,
where the raindrops are fine and it won't wet u much.
Instead, it were HUGE raindrops!
We were all running our lungs out !
nearly had heartburn while running.

After that we helped the other "team"
ribbon making .

I was cursing the ribbons cuz it was so hard to pin up the little roses
and hold the lace and ribbon in place.
All of us got poked by the needle,
which made Nicklas very happy -__-

Tomorrow's class or should i say, in a few hours
is nude figure drawing !
" "whopee" "

Better get back to bed.


Sunday, November 1, 2009


yes yes yes !!!!

Finally I have finished Mr Khairul's first hw !
Her name is baby Julie,
daughter of Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le-Brun.
(I did not name her ok) It was already given to her.

I modified her hair in the drawing.
and it does not look like the painting a 100%,
but well I sure tried my best.


As for now.... I realised that i have a lot of
random FOOD pictures on my phone.
I'll just share it before i delete it....
yes i like taking pics of random stuff =)

Deformed M&M!

Mint Kit Kats!

Strawberry + Vanilla ice cream cone

The Eating Process ;)

My fav doughnut.


Lok lok =) (with val and friend)

My luxurious drink for my bday.

cotton candy from my lil bro.

Bracelets for mum's bday.

Mum's birthday cupcakes <3

My awakening candy.

At my grandma's place with my MANY little
animal cousins!!!

My fav lil beast !

she and her sister literally did this to me !!!

No matter, i still love her loads <33>

The second youngest member.

She is a potential animal in the making just like my other
hyperactive cousins here in Klang.

Her brother did this to me. I shouldn't have played "spin around"
with him. I got dizzy and fell down...There are more injuries but
I'm not posting that.
Its disgusting.
Took more than a week to heal...

Congrats Alice. U survived another week there -__-